膚適美仕女貼 - 珍珠公主貼
膚適美仕女貼 - 珍珠女王貼

Emphasizing the importance of caring female intimate parts is one of the indicators of human civilization.There are plenty of reasons that cause allergies and infections.The inflamed private parts, itching feeling and bad smell that make life inconvenient, being terribly disturbed, irritable and anxious.Taking medicines for a long time will even causes drug resistance and recurrence of infection.By using the nourishment of deluxe natural essential oils and pure pearl powder, and the high technology progress of Nano Silver, negative ions and infrared,to produce care products for female intimate parts and to solve the annoying problem.


Are these troubles annoying you?

  • abnormal vaginal discharge
  • rad rashes
  • strong fishy smell
  • dryness
  • vaginal itching
  • pain
  • burn
  • allergy
  • redness and swelling
  • recurrence of uncomfortableness
Natural Essential Oil

Pearl Princess Patch

  • Natural Essential Oil

    peppermint.myrrh.paperbark tree.frankincense.pine

  •  Pure Pearl Powder 

    100% powder made from real pearls

  •  Nano Silver. Infrared.Negative Ions  
    today’s technology meets the ancient formula, aromatherapy,the best application for living.

The most fantastic care products for young ladies.
The cooling touch, aromatic smell and the convenient usability,
bring you a delightful and refreshing life (from now, say bye bye
to bad smell, allergy, humidification, itchy and too much vaginal

Pearl Queen Patch

  • Natural Essential Oils  

    Rosemary.lavender.lemon.tangerine.tea tree

  • Pure Pearl Powder 

    100% powder made from real pearls 

  • Nano Silver.Infrared.Negative Ions

    Today’s technology meets the ancient formula, aromatherapy,the best application for living.


The most fabulous care products for mature females.
The Pure care, aromatic smell and the convenient usability that
promote the skin metabolism, purify the body, strengthen the
immune system of skin, enhance gloss skin and bring youth,
energy and vitality.

複方精油 x 珍珠粉 x 奈米銀
Pure natural essential oils are the gift from Mother Nature, the aroma can settle or revive the mind and then increase the nhealing power of the body by changing endocrine and neurotransmitters, such as endorphin and Serotonin. Using aromatherapy is one of the ways that moves towards a perceptional lifestyle.It’s the most magnificent, and there’s no need to have qualms.As technology advances, the pure natural essential oil has been verified that it could become the new trend of medical treatment.

We use the pure Pearl powder that is 100% made from real pearls to nourish female private parts.
It contains 18 amino acids and 22 micro-elements.
Pearl powder can ameliorate and beam the skin by cutaneous absorption.

tickAccording to Compendium of Materia Medica (BencaoGangmu), the utilities of whitening the color of skin and lightening spots are related to the micro-element which the pearl powder be contained, to resist lipid peroxidation.
tickPearl powder has the power to heal skin injuries, such as knife wounds, burns, scalds. It’s because Pearl powder could stimulate collagen synthesis, help skin tissue regenerate and accelerate wounds healing at the same time.

Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Department of Taipei Medical University and Director of Gynecologic Oncology of the Hospital, Doctor 鄭丞傑, says that a lot of females have got some misconceptions about how to clean and take care of their vulvas and vaginas. 


Wash Vagina Directly With Water:

It’s the biggest mistake. Some females even put water pipes into their vaginas to wash them directly.The pH value of vagina is pH3.2~4.5. Rinsing vagina with tap water will break the balance of the environment of vagina.The strong water column might flush some bacteria into cervix.In the case of no infections, vagina is a very clean environment,except for when it’s after having sex or during menstrual period because both semen and the blood are alkaline and would break the pH value. 

Not Wash the Part Between Labia Majora and Labia Minora Completely Clean:

Some females think that the private parts cannot be touched.Especially for the females that haven’t had sex before. They consider their female parts to be the most private and inviolable parts.They don’t know how to clean the parts between labia majoras and labia minors.Smegma could even be found on the labia when they see doctors because of infections.


Wash Vulva With Fresh Water:

There are sweat glands, urine and vaginal discharge on the vulva that combine together and make it smelly.If you don’t wipe out your vulva cleanly, it might be more residue. It is very important to clean female private parts.

Pearl Queen Patch

Pearl Queen Patch

Focus on purifying, strengthening immune systems, improving allergies and aging private parts.
Pearl Princess Patch

Pearl Princess Patch

Cooling and comfortable touch, helping with inflamed skin,mugginess, smell and the vulva that is easily to be inflected






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